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            1. 產品展示

              當前位置:首頁 > 產品中心 > 液晶屏電子輔料> 操控主板 > MP128FL電源液晶電源板26寸32寸55寸通用型麥格米特MP118FL電源板
              • MP128FL電源液晶電源板26寸32寸55寸通用型麥格米特MP118FL電源板
              • 類別:操控主板
              • 特點:


              1.2.3 Output Transient Response. (輸出動態響應)
              Table 4. Test condition.測試條件
              Voltage Tolerance Limit Slew Rate Load Change
              0.2A/uS Min. to 50% load and 50% to Max load
              All output±10% 0.2A/uS Min. load to Max load
              Note: Transient response measurements shall be made with a load changing repetition
              rate of 50Hz to 10kHz. 以50~10KHz 的頻率跳變負載來測試。
              1.2.4 Table 5 DC Output Hold-Up Time. (輸出保持時間)
              Output Voltage 120Vac input 220Vac input
              +V1(+24V) ≥10 mS ≥10 mS
              +V2(+12V) ≥10 mS ≥10 mS
              +5.0V ≥10mS ≥10 mS
              +5.0V(STB) ≥10 mS ≥10 mS
              Note: All of dc output at full load. 所有輸出帶滿載
              1.2.5 Table 6 DC Output Overshoot At Turn On & Turn Off.(輸出超調)
              Output Channel Output(V) Over shoot voltage(V)超調電壓
              Turn on 開機 Turn off 關機
              +V1(+24V) + 24V 10% 10%
              +V2(+12V) + 12V 10% 10%
              +5.0V +5.0V 10% 10%
              +5.0V(SB) +5.0V 10% 10%
              Note: All of dc output current from Min. to Max. 測試時負載范圍:最小到最大
              1.2.6 Table 7 DC output voltage rise time(輸出上升時間)
              Output Voltage 120Vac input &Full Load 220Vac input &Full Load
              +V1(+24V) ≤100mS ≤100mS
              +V2(+12V) ≤100 mS ≤100 mS
              +5.0V ≤100 mS ≤100mS
              +5.0V(SB) ≤50 mS ≤50 mS
              Note: The output voltages shall rise from10% to 90% of their output voltage.
              MEGMEET 麥格米特電氣技術有限公司
              Model No.:
              DATE PREPARED CHECKED APPROVED Document No.:
              2010/06/22 ZHAN XING GUICHENCAI ZHANGZHI 1.0
              6 OF 11
              1.3 Remote On/Off Control:(遙控功能)
              The power supply DC outputs (without +5.0Vsb) shall be enable with an active-high
              TTL(≥2.5V/2.0mA)-compatible signal(Ps-on). The +5.0Vsb is on whenever the AC
              power is present.
              除5.0Vsb 外,其余輸出受控于一個TTL 電平兼容的信號(Ps-on≥2.5V/2.0mA),
              5.0Vsb 上電就存在。
              * When Ps-on is pulled to TTL high, the DC outputs are to be enabled.
              Ps-on 高電平,打開輸出
              * When Ps-on is pulled to TTL low or open circuit, the DC outputs are to be disabled.
              Ps-on 低電平,關閉輸出
              Table 8.
              Ps-on Signal Comments Outputs
              Ps-on- high ≥2.5V&2.0mA ( source) Output
              Ps-on- low ≤ 0.5V X
              Ps-on-open -- X
              1.4 Protection: (保護功能)
              1.4.1 Table 9 DC output Over Voltage Protection. (輸出過壓保護)
              Output Voltage TYP. Over Voltage Comments
              +V1(+24V) 27V Power supply latch into shutdown state
              +V2(+12V) 14V
              Power supply latch into shutdown state
              Note: The power supply shall be test at max AC voltage (264Vac) and min load or no load.
              應該在最大交流輸入電壓264 伏和輕載、空載下測試。
              1.4.2 Table 10 DC Output Over current Protection. (輸出過流保護)
              Note:* The over current protection should be test at other of dc output at Rated load but the
              24V over current protection should be test at 12Vdc output at min load.
              5V 和5VSTB 過流保護測試是在其它額定負載時測試.而24V 過流測試是在12V 輕載電流時測試。
              Output Voltage Over Current Comments
              +V1(+24V) ≥6Atyp* Hiccup嘗試重復啟動
              +V2(+12V) ≥5Atyp* Hiccup 嘗試重復啟動
              +5V ≥2Atyp* Hiccup嘗試重復啟動
              +5.0VSB ≥1.5Atyp* Hiccup 嘗試重復啟動
              MEGMEET 麥格米特電氣技術有限公司
              Model No.:
              DATE PREPARED CHECKED APPROVED Document No.:
              2010/06/22 ZHAN XING GUICHENCAI ZHANGZHI 1.0
              7 OF 11
              1.4.3 Table 11 DC Output Short Circuit Protection. (輸出短路保護)
              Output Voltage Comments
              +V1(+24V) Shutdown關機
              +V2(+12V) Shutdown 關機*
              +5V Hiccup 嘗試重復啟動
              +5.0V(SB) Hiccup 嘗試重復啟動
              Note:* The Short Circuit protection should be test at other of dc output at Rated load
              1.4.4 Reset After Shutdown.(保護功能復位)
              Recycle the ps-on signal, the power supply will restart after the fault removed,But +5V、
              +5.0V(STB)output over voltage can’t be reset.
              故障去除后,關掉Ps-on 信號再打開,電源即可恢復。+5V、+5.0V(STB)過壓后不可恢復。
              2. Isolation(絕緣性能)
              2.1 Table 12 (絕緣阻抗)
              Input To Output DC500V 50MΩmin (at room temperature)
              Input To FG DC500V 50MΩmin (at room temperature)
              Output To FG Non Isolated
              2.2 Table 13 (絕緣耐壓)
              Input To Output 3000Vac 50Hz 1minute ≤10mA
              Input To FG 1500Vac 50Hz 1minute ≤10mA
              Output To FG Non Isolated
              Note: Open FG and Output return. 交流地和輸出負極要斷開。
              3. Safety (安全規格)
              The power supply shall compliance with the following Criterion:
              1) UL60065
              2) EN60065
              3) GB8898-2001
              MEGMEET 麥格米特電氣技術有限公司
              Model No.:
              DATE PREPARED CHECKED APPROVED Document No.:
              2010/06/22 ZHAN XING GUICHENCAI ZHANGZHI 1.0
              8 OF 11
              4. EMC (電磁兼容性)
              4.1 EMI (電磁干擾)
              The power supply shall compliance with the following Criterion:
              1) Conduction Emission : (傳導干擾度)
              *EN55013, CLASS B
              *GB13837, CLASS B
              *FCC PART15 CLASS B
              2) Radiated Emission : (輻射干擾度)
              *EN55013, CLASS B
              *GB13837, CLASS B
              *FCC PART15 CLASS B
              4.2 EMS (電磁抗擾)
              The power supply shall compliance with the following Criterion:
              1) ESD (靜電抗擾度)
              2) EFT (脈沖群抗擾度)
              *GB17626.4-1998/IEC61000-4-4 3KV
              3) Surge (雷擊浪涌)
              *GB17626.5-1998/IEC61000-4-5 1.5KV / 3KV
              5. Environmental Requirement (工作環境)
              5.1 Temperature (環境溫度)
              * Operating: 0℃ to +40℃.
              * Store: -20℃ to +80℃.
              5.2 Humidity (環境濕度)
              * Operating: From 10%to90% relative humidity (non-condensing).
              * Store: From 5 to 95% relative humidity (non-condensing).
              5.3 Altitude (海拔高度)
              * Operating: to10,000 ft.
              * Store: to 20,000ft.
              5.4 Cooling Method (冷卻方式)
              * Ventilation cooling . 自然冷卻
              5.5 Vibration (振動耐受)
              * 10-55Hz, 19.6m/s2(2G), 3minutes period, 60minutes each along X, Y and Z axis.
              5.6 Impact (沖擊耐受)
              * 49m/s2(5G),11ms, once each X, Y and Z axis.
              MEGMEET 麥格米特電氣技術有限公司
              Model No.:
              DATE PREPARED CHECKED APPROVED Document No.:
              2010/06/22 ZHAN XING GUICHENCAI ZHANGZHI 1.0
              9 OF 11
              6. Dimension (物理尺寸)
              * 180mm × 180mm ×11mm (長L *寬W * 高H ).板面高
              7. Weight (重量)
              * 約500g
              8. Pin Connection (連接器腳位定義)
              Table 15 Pin-CON4 Connection And Function
              NO. Pin Connection Function
     +24V +24VDC OUTPUT
              Note: CON4 -- XH CONNEETION, TYPE : pitch2.5mm
              Table 16 Pin-CON3 Connection And Function
              NO. Pin Connection Function
              3.4 GND +24VDC RETURN
              1.2 Vaudio +24VDC OUTPUT
              Note: CON3 -- XH CONNEETION, TYPE : pitch2.5mm
              Table 17 Pin-CON2 Connection And Function
              NO. Pin Connection Function
              1. 2 GND +5V +5VSB +12VDC RETURN
              3.4 +5V +5VDC OUTPUT
              5 STB SMPS ON/OFF CONTROL(ON = HIGH)
              6 +5VSB STANDBY(+5.0VDC) OUTPUT
              7.8 +5V +5VDC OUTPUT
              9.10.11 GND +5V +5VSB +12VDC RETURN
              12.13 +12V +12VDC OUTPUT
              Note: CON2 -- XH CONNEETION, TYPE : pitch2.5mm
              Table 18 Pin-CON5 Connection And Function
              NO. Pin Connection Function
              1.2.3 SGND +12VDC RETURN
              4.5 +12V +12VDC OUTPUT
              Note: CON5 -- XH CONNEETION, TYPE : pitch2.5mm
              MEGMEET 麥格米特電氣技術有限公司


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